'The Last Dance' Episodes 3 and 4: How to Watch, What Time and What Channel

The Michael Jordan-centered documentary series, The Last Dance, premiered on ESPN on April 19. Fans of the NBA star, the Chicago Bulls and basketball were given an unprecedented glimpse into the 1997-98 season, but they were left wanting for more. The next two episodes will be released on Sunday night. Here's how to tune in.

The next two episodes of The Last Dance will air Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET. This continues the weekly tradition that started on April 13 when the documentary series premiered. The series will continue to be shown on ESPN and the ESPN streaming app. Residents outside of the United States will be able to watch the documentary series on Netflix but will have to wait five hours. Censored versions will also air simultaneously on ESPN2 and the ESPN app.

According to the teaser clip that was released ahead of Sunday's broadcast, the next two episodes will heavily feature retired NBA star, Dennis Rodman. "The Worm" was part of the championship team in 1997-98, his last of three seasons in Chicago. He departed for the Los Angeles Lakers after the Bulls defeated the Utah Jazz in the NBA Finals, joining both Jordan and Scottie Pippen as key departures.

"While Scottie was out, Dennis was a model citizen to a point where it was driving him f—ing insane," Jordan said in a teaser trailer. "So, when Scottie came back, Dennis wanted to take a vacation. I come to practice, Phil [Jackson] calls me in and says, 'Look, Dennis wants to tell you something.' And when Dennis wants to tell me something, I knew it's not something I f—ing wanted to hear."

The Last Dance focuses primarily on Jordan's final season with the Chicago Bulls (1997-98), but there are other storylines featured during the 10-part ESPN documentary series. For example, Jordan's relationship with his teammates, his childhood and his parking abilities were discussed during the first two episodes. Fans expect other aspects of his life to be featured during the remaining eight episodes. Although other top players from this roster will also be heavily involved.


While the documentary series was originally scheduled to be released in June, ESPN pushed it up due to the COVID-19 outbreak's effect on the sports world. The NBA season was postponed along with several other leagues, leaving viewers without live sports to enjoy. The Last Dance has not completely filled that void, but the documentary series has created appointment viewing for fans. The series will continue to air two episodes each Sunday evening until May 17.