'The Last Dance' Episodes 3 and 4 Preview Teases Dennis Rodman's 48-Hour Las Vegas Vacation

ESPN's 10-part documentary series about Michael Jordan continues on Sunday night with two more episodes. The Last Dance will be focusing more on a different player, however, based on the latest teaser reveal. Dennis Rodman, The Worm, will be prominently featured, as will his enjoyment of partying.

Shortly after the first two episodes of The Last Dance premiered and drew rave reviews, a roughly one-minute teaser trailer surfaced. This clip showed Jordan telling a story about his former teammate and the time that Rodman had to leave town and head to Las Vegas. Jordan was not the only person featured in the teaser, however. Former head coach Phil Jackson, Rodman and Scottie Pippen were all shown holding phones and watching the interview.

"While Scottie was out, Dennis was a model citizen to a point where it was driving him f—ing insane," Jordan said in a teaser trailer. "So, when Scottie came back, Dennis wanted to take a vacation. I come to practice, Phil [Jackson] calls me in and says, 'Look, Dennis wants to tell you something.' And when Dennis wants to tell me something, I knew it's not something I f—ing wanted to hear."

The remainder of the teaser did not tell the full story due to ESPN wanting to build anticipation for the upcoming episodes. All that was revealed was that Jackson asked Rodman if he would be able to return from Las Vegas in 48 hours. The Chicago Bulls still needed his services for the remainder of the season.

Rodman is a player with a very colorful history, which he discussed during an appearance on Kevin Hart's YouTube show, Cold As Balls. Hart tried to cover all of the bases during this discussion in the cold tub. He asked the former Bulls player about his relationship with Carmen Electra, his friendship with North Korean Supreme Leader/Chicago Bulls fan Kim Jong Un and donning a wedding dress to marry himself.


"I was doing a book signing thing in New York," Rodman said about showing up in a wedding dress. "I was in a hotel thinking, 'what should I do? What should I wear?' So I just came up with this thing, I said, 'I'll just wear a wedding dress, and I'll marry myself.' I just came to it out of the blue."

While Hart and Rodman discussed all aspects of Rodman's life, including breaking a specific part of his anatomy three separate times, The Last Dance will have a more focused approach. The documentary series will discuss Rodman's impact on the team. Although some of his off-the-court hobbies will also be mentioned during the various interviews.