Terrell Owens Posts Video of Heated Argument With Neighbor

NFL legend Terrell Owens recently posted a video of a heated argument he had with a Florida neighbor, whom Owens called "Karen." In the 11-minute video, the neighbor was complaining that the Hall of Fame wide receiver was driving too fast in the neighborhood, leading to her calling the police, according to NBC News. Owens said he was going to his mailbox when a woman yelled at him to stop speeding. 

"So when I called her 'Karen,' her husband wanted to tell me stop calling her 'Karen,'" Owens said in the video. "They thought I was just going to bow down and listen to all that mess. OK. This is where we are America. ...She said I came after her. Really?" Owens said. "And then he wondered why I called her 'Karen.' That's what Karens do."

TMZ Sports obtained the 911 call from the neighbor, who said Owens was driving "aggressively" through the neighborhood in Broward County and "almost hit me." She went to say, "And then [he] got out of the car to threaten me. He got out of his car and started threatening me," the woman said ... before adding, "He was literally speeding and then got mad at me because we were crossing in the sidewalk and he nearly hit us." In the video, the neighbor is heard saying to Owens, "You're a Black man approaching a white woman," while she was speaking to the police.

The Broward County Sheriff's office released a statement on the incident. "The deputy made contact with a man and a woman on scene who were having a verbal dispute," the department statement said. "The parties were separated, and the situation resolved." Following the incident, Owens went on Good Morning America to talk about how things could have been worse if the police sided with the neighbor. 

"This could have turned really bad. I don't know where it could have gone had the police come in and they basically took her word for something that she said that I (did) or what have you. We've seen it a number of other times as well," Owens said, per ABC 6 in Philadelphia. "If the roles were reversed, I probably would be in jail or something to that magnitude right now, honestly. And just the statement that she made, obviously, that came out of her mouth, the comments, exactly it was 'a Black man approaching a white woman,' that kind of says what you want to know about the situation."