Tahj Mowry Reveals What He Misses Most About Playing College Football (Exclusive)

Tahj Mowry has been acting for over 30 years, appearing in Full House, Sister, Sister, Smart Guy and Baby Daddy. However, the 35-year-old actor also has some history playing college football, spending time at Savannah State and Wyoming. PopCulture.com recently caught up with Mowry and asked what he misses the most about football. 

"I played for about a year," Mowry told PopCulture. "I guess the main thing I miss is just the comradery with my teammates, right? And I was very big on looking fresh, getting phat. So I miss those days. Making sure my jersey was fit right. Got the wrist tape, got the wrist bands. You look good, you play better, in my opinion."

Mowry went on to explain why he stopped playing a game he loves. "Ultimately, [I] missed the entertainment business," he revealed. "I feel like this is what I was meant to do. So I opted out after a year, but I'm so glad, so glad I did it and got the opportunity to get a scholarship to play. And every now and then I'll be watching games and being like, 'Man, that used to be me,' you know?"

Mowry had a successful high school career in California before joining Savannah State in 2004. He was there for one season before transferring to Wyoming the following year. That's when Morwy decided to call it quits and focus on acting. However, he still follows the game and has two NFL teams that he loves. 

"I live in Los Angeles, so I got to go with my Rams, but there's a special place in my heart for the 49ers," Mowry said. "That was the very first NFL game I ever went to. Also a California team. And Morningstar Farms is actually the official plant-based sponsor for the 49ers, so it's sort of a full-circle moment."

Mowry is a big supporter of Morningstar Farms. He is currently working with the company to help fans have the best tailgating experience without having any meat. "I try to eat as plant-based as often as possible, just for my personal healthy lifestyle," Mowry said. "And my two favorite MVPs — MVP stands for Morningstar Farms Veggie Plays, that's what we like to call them. And I have my two favorites right here in front of me. It is the Taquito Bites and the Nacho Bites. They are delicious. They're wholesome. I like to dip them in salsa, maybe some guacamole."

Mowry also talked about how fans can win some Morningstar Farms swag. "Fans can get a chance to win a fan pack from Morningstar Farms, which will include some of the Morningstar Farms lineup," Mowry revealed. "And these are two of their newest ones here. And if you comment on my Instagram or Morningstar Farms' Instagram page and let us know your MVPs from the Morningstar Farms lineup, you enter in and you get a chance to win a nice selection of Morningstar Farms appetizers and veggitizers and all that. And you get a chance to win a really awesome jersey, so you can flex your plant-based muscles while watching the game."