Super Bowl 2020: Rare Photo of Bob Dole Snapped at Game Hits Social Media

Super Bowl LIV is underway and one of the most respected Kansas City Chiefs fans is in the building. U.S. Senator Bob Dole has made his way to the big game and a rare photo of his was posted on his Twitter account. In the photo, Dole is seen in a suite cheering on the Chiefs and he's wearing a team scarf with his suit.

Dole, 96, is from Russell, Kansas and he attended the Chiefs' last Super Bowl appearance back in 1970 according to USA Today. In that game, the Chiefs defeated the Minnesota Vikings 23-7 in New Orleans.

"I can"t even remember who played or where it was," Dole said two hours before kickoff. "Had a good time, as I remember. But this is more exciting."

Dole is such a big fan of the Chiefs, he wants Patrick Mahomes to be part of his family.

"Well, I wish the quarterback for the Chiefs were my son," Dole said Sunday. "He's so good. I don't know how he does it, but I'm all for it."

Mahomes has emerged as a superstar in the league. In his second season as a starter, he won the MVP award and was one win away from reaching the Super Bowl. This year, he's on the cusp of bringing a title back to Kansas City which would make him a legend.

"Patrick Mahomes anywhere in the NFL is good for me," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said during his Super Bowl press conference. "I have to tell you that not only is he an incredible player, but he is an incredible young man. Wherever he plays in the NFL, he's going to have an impact and I'm proud to have him as a Kansas City Chief.


"I would guess there's 31 other teams that wouldn't mind having him either, but the reality is he's just made us better and he's made the Chiefs better as evidenced by the fact that they're here in the Super Bowl. And as I mentioned up front, when we think about the future of the NFL with people like Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson and some of these great young players – we like to tease around the office that Jimmy Garoppolo doesn't fit into that 27 stat because he's 28 – but this is the future of our league. Not just with quarterbacks, with great young players at every position, and we're happy to have him as a Kansas City Chief and happy to have him here in the Super Bowl."