Super Bowl 2020: Johnny Cash Fans Furious Over 'Ragged Old Flag' Tribute

Before Super Bowl LIV kicked off on Fox, the network and the NFL showed a hype video celebrating American patriotism and achievements, complete with Johnny Cash's "Ragged Old Flag" as the soundtrack. Fox used the same song back in 2017 for a similar video played before Super Bowl LI, the last time Fox aired the NFL championship. On Sunday, a handful of viewers took to Twitter to complain about Cash's song being used in the new video on patriotism.

"Johnny Cash!!!!! Oh hell no, Fox," one viewer tweeted.

" we've ignoring the rest of Johnny Cash's body of work, yes?" another wrote.

"Leave Johnny Cash out of this you a—holes," another tweeted.

"I turn on the Super Bowl and there's a troops lovefest music video set to Johnny Cash and equivocating flag burning with the nazis and North Koreans," another wrote.

"Johnny Cash's music being used in an unapologetic propaganda video by FOX... YEAH,OK ,COOL.. f— off," another chimed in.

Of course, there were many who appreciated the video, which highlighted the service of the military.

"About time the [NFL] gets it right," one person tweeted. "Great job respecting the flag and those that have fought for freedom!"

"Best commercial they’ll show all day," another wrote.

"If, perchance, you find something even remotely partisan or offensive in hearing the late Johnny Cash recite 'Ragged Old Flag' before the Super Bowl?" another person tweeted. "You really need to buy a damned clue."

"Ok watching this video for Johnny Cash 'Ragged Old Flag' and I'm for real crying," another wrote. "As I knew I would,"

"I have forever loved this Johnny Cash gem and I love that it was shared to honor our servicemen and women in this way," one user wrote. "This country has its issues and we have a long way to go - but the flag represents everything we want it to be. We are so damn blessed in so many ways."

Cash recorded "Ragged Old Flag" in 1974, and included it on the album of the same name. The song gained increased popularity following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.


"I thank God for all the freedom we have in this country, I cherish them and treasure them - even the right to burn the flag," Cash said before performing the song in 2001. "We also got the right to bear arms and if you burn my flag - I'll shoot you"

Photo credit: Beth Gwinn/Redferns/Getty Images