Sugar Bowl: Fans Angry With ESPN About the Number of Commercials Shown During Broadcast

The Sugar Bowl featured two of the best teams in the country — the Georgia Bulldogs and the Baylor Bears. However, the New Year's Day football game also featured its share of commercials and fans were not happy about it. Commercials and college football games are married to each other, but with the game kicking off past 9 p.m. ET, fans wanted to see both teams in action and not a lot of commercials.

Fans went to Twitter to complain about the commercials shown during the game.

One fan started complaining about the commercials as soon as the game kicked off. Another fan said the Sugar Bowl is nothing but commercials.

The game was scheduled to start at 8:45 p.m. ET but it was delayed because ESPN showed the trophy presentation of the Rose Bowl. That didn't sit well with one fan and when the game kicked off, the fans were getting tired of seeing the Allstate commercials being shown nearly every break.

With Allstate being the title sponsor of the Sugar Bowl, it made sense for the company to have a commercial show every break. And while fans might complain about the commercials, advertisers know having commercials shown during games like the Sugar Bowl is a golden opportunity for them because of the number of viewers watching the game. According to Sports Media Watch, over 13 million fans watch Texas beat Georgia in the Sugar Bowl last year.


Georgia fans may not have been happy with the commercials shown, but they liked how the game turned out as the team took down Baylor 26-14 to win their 12th game of the year.