Steve-O Challenges Justin Bieber to a UFC Fight in Wake of Tom Cruise Challenge

Tom Cruise may be ignoring Justin Bieber's UFC challenge but Steve-O is not, calling on Bieber to [...]

Tom Cruise may be ignoring Justin Bieber's UFC challenge but Steve-O is not, calling on Bieber to face him in a cage match.

Bieber called out Cruise earlier this month in a seemingly random UFC challenge on Twitter. While it seemed like a joke, it caught the attention of promoter Dana White, who is now trying to organize a celebrity match for Bieber. According to Jackass alum Steve-O, he might be the consolation fight Bieber gets.

Steve-O spoke to TMZ Sports at the Los Angeles International Airport this weekend, saying that he would happily fight Bieber in Cruise's place. He argued that Cruise was not up for the challenge, while he himself is uniquely qualified.

"I'm sick of being overlooked for my potential as a cage fighter, alright?" he said. "And with Justin Bieber trying to pick a fight with Tom Cruise, I really don't think Tom Cruise is up for it."

The reporter suggested that Steve-O take his idea to White and the UFC, but the reality TV star was way ahead of him.

"I already did, man. As soon as I found out, I got in the van, I went out to Las Vegas, I had a little chat with Dana White, and he agreed that if Tom Cruise doesn't step up, someone has to fill the cage with Justin Bieber," he explained. "And I'm the guy."

It is always hard to tell when Steve-O is joking, but he did make a strong case for himself as an MMA natural. He noted that he can "take a beating," as evidenced in his years of painful stunts and pranks on Jackass. Compared to that, a cage match with a pop singer should be a piece of cake.

"I don't know. But I know that I can take a beating. And not back down, not quit, keep fighting through," he said enthusiastically. "If he were to get me in a choke, I would not tap. I would go to sleep."

Steve-O noted that this challenge was made out of love, calling Bieber "a very, very sweet guy." However, when pushed he did assume a harsh demeanor to make a real challenge into the camera.

"You know, Justin, as much as I love you, I'm going to have to call you out," he said. "I think you've been picking a fight with the wrong guy. Tom Cruise might be 56, but I'm 45."

As for his predictions, Steve-O was not even confident that he would win in a fight with Bieber. He was pretty certain that he would not dishonor himself either, and even said that he had been in a few fights in his time.

"He doesn't finish me in the first round, that's for sure," he predicted. "Because I can take a serious beating man. I'm scrappy, plus I can wrestle, too. I've wrestled my way out of every fight I've ever [been in]."

White is reportedly trying his best to put together a real fight for Bieber, offering a massive prize the likes of which the UFC has never seen before.