Sportscaster Dale Hansen Compares Donald Trump Supporters to Dallas Cowboys Fans

The Dallas Cowboys missed the playoffs this season and that has led to them firing their head coach Jason Garrett. He has been replaced by Mike McCarthy who was the head coach of the Green Bay Packers from 2006 to 2018 and fans aren't sure what to think. However, Cowboys fans will continue to support the team and it has led to sportscaster Dale Hanser comparing supporters of President Donald Trump to one of the most popular fanbases in all of sports. Hansen works for WFAA in Dallas and he said what the Cowboys are going through is exactly like what the entire country is dealing with right now.

"This Dallas Cowboys season is a perfect metaphor for life in America now," Hansen said in a video by MSNBC. "No matter how bad the Cowboys are, how much they disappoint, the promises they don't keep, the embarrassing performances game after the game, the apparently do just enough so the loyalty of the Cowboys fan never waivers. No matter how many outrageous claims to greatness the man in charge will make so many he appears to be delusional at times. The lies they tell, the question they refuse to answer, the laws and rules they break, the incompetent people they hire only to be fired, it's never their fault."

The Cowboys finished the 2019 season at 8-8 despite having high expectations. Because the team didn't live up to those expectations, they decided to make changes with letting Garrett walk. But is Hansen right? Is Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to blame for the team not winning a Super Bowl since 1995? Former Cowboys offensive lineman Uche Nwaneri went to Reddit to talk about his time with the Cowboys.

"In my short time playing in Dallas, I learned a lot about the circus environment that is the world of the Dallas Cowboys," he said via Cowboys Wire. "Jerry World as we have come to know it, is the ever-present dark cloud that will keep this franchise from reaching the levels of success they attained when they WERE America's team in the 1990s."


So maybe the country right now is like Cowboys fans. The difference is Trump can be voted out or he can be re-elected. As for Jones, he can be the owner as long as he wants.