Skip Bayless Mocked for Cringey Dak Prescott Video

Skip Bayless made an interesting video after the Dallas Cowboys lost to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night. The video shows Bayless in his kitchen folding his Dak Prescott jersey before throwing it in the trash can and walking off. When social media users saw the video, they didn't buy the fact the FS1 host was that angry over the loss. 

"Looks to me like someone just happened to be standing in Skip's kitchen filming the door at the exact moment Skip decided to part ways with his Dak jersey," one person wrote on Twitter. "Lucky for us who love raw drama."  

Another person added: "Bro I'm dying. You can clearly see skip in the doorway and the conversation beforehand was 'Ernestine, knock on the counter when you start filming' cause you can CLEARLY hear it." Bayless could have been making fun of the Cowboys fans who punched their television sets while watching the game. However, Bayless seems to be done with Prescott as he wants the Cowboys to trade him for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. 

"He's never going to be anything more than middle-of-the-pack Dak," Bayless said Tuesday on Undisputed, per the Daily Mail. 'My bottom line, my conclusion, my devastated conclusion is Dak will always tease you without ever rewarding your patience in him. Who is he? He's not who we need going forward. "I think Jerry was so distraught after the game because he realized Dak Prescott is not the answer. I think he realized on the flight home, this ain't the solution here. To me, Dak should be on the trading block. Aaron Rodgers is on the trading block and maybe I'm playing fantasy football here... but the deals are pretty much the same over the next two years."

Prescott finished the game with 206 passing yards, one touchdown and two interceptions in the loss to the 49ers. The Cowboys have finished with 12 wins in each of the last two seasons but have not made it past the second round of the playoffs. The last time the Cowboys had back-to-back 12-win seasons was in 1994-95, and the team won the Super Bowl in 1995. The Cowboys have not reached the Super Bowl since.