Shaun White Sparks Comments Skateboarding While Wearing a Facemask

As an action sports star, Shaun White routinely creates conversations with his posts on Instagram. This trend continued on Sunday when the Olympic gold medal winner posted a video skateboarding at an unknown location. He didn't have a shirt on but wore a face mask while pulling off tricks in the pool.

When White posted the video, the fans sounded off with two primary opinions. Several thanked him for continuing to "express caution" while wearing a facemask. Others, however, took a different approach. Some of the Instagram followers said they would be unfollowing White simply because he wore a face mask while skateboarding. They proclaimed that he didn't need the covering due to remaining away from other people.

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"Bro - please take of (sic) that stupid mask. You don't need it. Especially while you skate," one person commented on Instagram. Some shared this sentiment and posted similar statements, but this was not a universal opinion. Many others disagreed while calling all of the "anti-mask comments" ignorant.

Regardless of their opinion on his facemask, many fans still expressed excitement while watching White pull off some tricks. The 15-time X Games gold medal winner still has considerable skills on the skateboard, which brings entertainment to the viewers at home. Some even said that watching White was actually very relaxing during a challenging year.

White has routinely provided sources of entertainment for fans on social media throughout 2020, even while remaining in quarantine. He unveiled platinum blonde hair, stunning fans and sparking comments about a "Flying Alfredo" nickname. He also brought joy to some young skateboarders.

White posted a series of photos and videos on Instagram in May that detailed his "social distancing skateboard session." He was driving around but stopped in front of some young kids holding up a sign and asking him to skate on their ramp. White obliged but followed some recommended guidelines. He wore a mask while skating on the mini ramp and did not touch the people gathered nearby.


The video showed White hitting the ramp and doing some simple tricks, not hogging the ramp during the session, but instead opting to let the other kids take their turns. When the young skateboarders successfully pulled off a trick, White applauded by smacking his board against another ramp.

"When you drive by a request like this you can't say no. Definitely brought back some memories seeing these kids killing it on their starter ramp in the neighborhood, so I stopped to skate with them from a safe distance. Hard to see cuz the masks but I was stoked to put smiles on some young faces during these tough times and these kids definitely brightened my day [...] thanks for the session," White wrote on Instagram.