Shaun White Reveals New Platinum Blonde Hair in Summer Fresh Photo

Olympic snowboarder Shaun White has the longtime nickname of the Flying Tomato due to his bright red hair, but he will now have to adopt something else. He recently debuted a surprising hair color with a post on Instagram. The Flying Tomato was showing off his fresh, bleached blonde hair.

White originally teased his fans with a photo showing him with bleaching product in his hair. He held his finger to his lips as if he was telling his followers to keep the change secret. He then showed off the finished product with a photo in front of a bay window. "Shaun le blanc," he wrote in the caption.

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"Shaun WHITE. LOVE IT," one fan commented on Instagram. Another said that he is "literally" Shaun White now after making the drastic change. There were certainly some that expressed disappointment with the new hair color, but a vocal majority appreciated the change. One even tried to get a nickname going by calling White the "Flying Alfredo."

This is not the first time that White has drawn attention for changing his hair. In 2012, he cut off his long, wavy locks as part impulsive decision/part charitable effort. He donated the ponytail to Locks of Love, the charitable organization that provides hairpieces to children that have hair loss issues due to medical concerns.

"I've been thinking about this one for a while, but it's for a good cause, so I'm going to do it. Somebody needs it more than I do," White said at the time. He also captured the entire haircutting process with a GoPro camera, which put his reactions on full display.


White has continued to rock the shorter hairstyles in the years since this drastic change. the lack of length is more commonplace now, and fans have adjusted to the new normal. However, seeing White with platinum blonde hair was jarring for several Instagram users. Although a few expressed excitement. They want to see White's hair grow out to the point where he has frosted tips on top of red hair.

Regardless of his hairstyle, White remains one of the biggest stars in snowboarding and skateboarding. He has three Olympic gold medals to his name (2006, 2010, 2018) as well as 15 X Games gold medals. White has another five silver medals and three bronze medals from a professional career lasting two decades.