Shaquille O'Neal Pays off Man's Engagement Ring Debt

Shaquille O'Neal helped many people acquire rings during his NBA career, including members of the Los Angeles Lakers. Following his retirement, he did so once again, albeit at a Zales. O'Neal paid off a stranger's engagement ring to make him smile.

Big Diesel provided the backstory during an episode of NBA on TNT. He explained that he was in Georgia and that he saw a customer come into the store and try to set up a payment plan for an engagement ring. The former NBA star decided to help out his fellow man. He pulled out his credit card and paid off the ring.

"I was in Zales and I was looking for some hoop earrings. I seen the guy come in. He was just so shy," O'Neal explained. "He was saying, 'Hey, how much do I owe to pay off my ring.' And I was like, 'My man, how much is the ring?' I'm not going to say the amount, but it's not a lot for me."

O'Neal explained that he does good deeds for people nearly every day. He used the example of purchasing some furniture for a mother. O'Neal clarified that he doesn't do these deeds to get camera time. His goal is to make people smile.

Of course, O'Neal's good deeds are not simply limited to spending money on other people. He has also gone out of his way to help others in need after car accidents or breakdowns. One example occurred in July 2020 when Big Diesel helped a stranded motorist.


The Alachua County Sheriff posted a video on Facebook that featured footage from a patrol car. The former NBA star was clearly visible standing on the side of the road as he waited for backup. O'Neal had stopped on the side of the highway outside of Gainesville after seeing a crash. "I appreciate you stopping to help," one deputy said as he walked alongside the Hall of Fame player.

"Yesterday, Shaquille O'Neal was traveling through Alachua County on I-75 when he witnessed a crash," the ACSO said on Facebook. "He stopped to check on the welfare of the driver and remained with her until law enforcement arrived. He fist bumped Deputies Purington and Dillon before going on his way."