Shaquille O'Neal's Reaction to Ernie Johnson Saying He 'Smashes' Trix Cereal Is Priceless

Ernie Johnson and former Los Angeles Lakers star Shaquille O'Neal have had some memorable interactions during Inside the NBA on TNT. However, a recent comment by the bowtie-wearing host nearly caused O'Neal to lose it during filming. Johnson proclaimed his love for Trix Cereal, resulting in a very obvious miscommunication.

The incident occurred during a random conversation when Johnson was trying to think of something that "he smashes." He was uncertain at first, but he quickly came up with a surprising answer.

"I don't think I smash anything. You know what I smash? Trix," Johnson said, sparking an immediate reaction by O'Neal. "I once ate an entire box of Trix after a show."

While there were questions about whether or not Johnson grew ill after eating a box of the sugary cereal, this became far less important to the viewers. They were immediately distracted by the various looks on O'Neal's face as he processed the statement made by his co-host.

"My guy Ernie has no idea what he just said," one fan wrote on Twitter.

Others responded with various comments about how the co-host does not realize that Trix can actually mean something else. They assumed that O'Neal had the same thought based on the various looks on his face.

As the video showed, O'Neal appeared to be stunned at first by Johnson's surprising statement. He then continued to deal with a range of emotions while seemingly debating whether or not to say something to his co-host.

According to Urban Dictionary, "trick" is a broad term to describe women that trade sexual favors for money. The term can also be used to reference the person paying for the interaction. The term can be used in a variety of ways, including to describe cereal. Although there may be some confusion among those involved in the conversation.

Inside the NBA is known for some varied conversations, including a time when Charles Barkley told a tale of being given a bracelet by a man in the steam room. However, this brief interaction about Trix Cereal drew far more attention due to the potential meanings of the phrase "I smash Trix."

"Shaq's reaction is priceless," one user wrote after watching this video on Twitter. Others simply chimed in and voiced the opinion that the hosts of Inside the NBA "are incredible."


(Photo Credit: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)