Shaquille O'Neal Addresses NBA 'Double Standard' Following Draymond Green's Player Trade Comments (Exclusive)

Draymond Green has never been one to shy from sharing his thoughts, regardless if they turn heads or not. The Golden State Warriors forward recently revealed what he thinks about the double standard that lingers between league organizations and players, and didn't hold back. In an exclusive interview with NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal for, the former Lakers player admitted Green "made a lot of great points" following the controversial remarks.

"There has been a double standard for a long time knowing when they can trade you in the middle of the night," O'Neal said in our series, PopCulture @Home. "You're not supposed to say anything, but when you're unhappy and you say, 'Hey I don't like the organization, I want to be traded.' The media sometimes paints you as a cancer, as a disruption — a guy that's just a rich spoiled brat."

The comments, which O'Neal expressed are among contrasting principles in the league, stem from Green's sharp criticism of the NBA following his team's win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. The commentary offered by the 30-year-old addressed the topic of players put up on the trading block by teams, noting the process holds a double standard.

In a press conference on Feb. 16, Green sounded off, starting his statement off with the entire incident "really bothering" him. "It's the treatment of players in this league," he began. "To watch Andre Drummond before the game, sit on the sideline then go to the back, then come out in street clothes because a team is going to trade him, is bulls—t."

Emphasizing his frustration, he began to use curse words, continuing: "Because when James Harden asked for a trade and essentially dogged it — I don't think no one's gonna fight that James was dogging it his last days in Houston — but he was castrated for wanting to go to a different team, and everybody destroyed that man."


O'Neal relayed his thoughts to PopCulture, adding how "discussions need to be had" so that there can at least be some "sort of secrecy with business dealings" when it comes to mutual understandings between the league and its members. "Because again, you can just be sitting with your family in the house on the land that you just bought [and] you can be traded in the middle of the night and now mentally, what that does you have to sell your house, you have to take your kids out of school, you have to do a lot of things. So, I think he made a lot of great points."

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