Shannon Sharpe Says Cowboys Would Win 3-4 Super Bowls Under Bill Belichick

Following the loss to the New England Patriots, there are questions about Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett and his ability to lead this talent-rich roster. Is the best man for the job? Does the "softness" of the team reflect his coaching, as former NFL coach Rex Ryan said on Monday?

With the Cowboys in danger of missing out on the playoffs, barring a winning streak, the criticism of Garrett is only beginning to rise. FS1 analyst Shannon Sharpe, however, is going one step further by saying that Bill Belichick would take the same level of talent on this roster and win the majority of the upcoming Super Bowls.

"If you take Coach Belichick, with this Cowboys team right here, today, they would win three or four of the next 6-7 Super Bowls with this same team that Jason Garrett's barely scraping by to make the playoffs," Sharpe said on Monday.

To clarify his point, Sharpe did say that Garrett is in an unwinnable position with the team. He is coaching on the final year of his contract, and he is the one receiving 100 percent of the criticism when the team loses. When they win, however, the common theme is that victory was achieved "in spite of" Garrett. Sharpe believes that the head coach can't win over public opinion, no matter what he does.

Additionally, Sharpe says that Jones is the one making roster decisions pertaining to the starting lineup and the addition of free agents. He believes that Garrett is handed a list of players and is expected to lead them to the Super Bowl. It is his opinion that this isn't the best situation.

With the Dallas Cowboys losing to the New England Patriots on Sunday afternoon, the conversation has turned to the future of "America's Team." Most sports analysts believe that Garrett will no longer be the head coach of the Cowboys following the season, even if the team makes the playoffs.

As Sharpe explained, owner Jerry Jones set this change in motion during the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine when he said that there would be no contract extension handed to Garrett. He was planning on waiting for the end of the season to see if the longtime coach would lead his team deep into the playoffs.


If this change ultimately happens, there will be questions about the role of the incoming figure. Will the new coach have control over the roster, or will he be similarly limited in terms of decision-making? The answer is unknown, but Sharpe has no doubt that Belichick could take this same roster and find considerable success.

(Photo Credit: Kathryn Riley/Getty)