Serena Williams Poses Unretouched for Harper's Bazaar Cover Photo, and Fans Are Applauding

Serena Williams recently posed unretouched for a Harper's Bazaar cover photo, and fans are applauding. The tennis pro appears on the cover of the magazine wearing only a golden cape. The unclothed bottom half of her body is shown with no Photoshopping having been done to smooth out any of her exposed skin. After the cover was revealed, many fans began taking to social media to cheer in the championship athlete for her courage to be so vulnerable.

"So many inspiring women in public life RN - this is the latest glowing, gorgeous, vulnerable, example of showing up, being a legend and paving the way for others, not just women, to be their whole self," one fan tweeted.

"I think all us #womeninscience can relate to @serenawilliams... a powerful voice for justice and equality in sport, and in life," another person said. "We get there by making people uncomfortable and living an examined life. Change is coming because of leadership like this."

"As women of color, we must never let our circumstances quiet us. It is imperative for all of humanity for us to speak up and to speak out," someone else wrote.

"This should be a lesson for both consumers and major magazines. All of that extra retouching and airbrushing isn't necessary," one other person added.

In addition to the powerful cover photo, Williams also penned an essay in the magazine that is having a huge impact on readers.

"LOVED this essay. Just really shows what @serenawilliams has done for the sport and how much she cares about her fellow female athletes and women in general," one reader said while praising the essay. "Congrats on another great win today kween!


The article originally appears in the August 2019 issue of Harper's Bazaar, which will be available on newsstands beginning July 23.