Ryan Guettler, Former X Games Medalist and BMX Star, Arrested After Allegedly Firing Shotgun While Naked

Ryan Guettler, an X Games medalist and former BMX star, was arrested after he allegedly fired a shotgun while naked outside a home in North Carolina, according to WWAY-TV. When police arrived on the scene, Guettler reportedly ran into the garage and refused to leave. Negotiators arrived and were able to get him out of the home. Nobody was injured in the ordeal.

Guettler is charged with "discharging firearm occupied dwelling, felony breaking and/or entering, go armed to the terror of people, simple assault, and a city ordinance violation." According to the jail records, Guettler was given a $100,000 secured bond. Guettler, 36, became a regular on the BMX circuit in 2004 and won bronze medals in the X Games in 2004 and 2005. The Australia native last competed in the X Games in 2010 and earned a 19th place finishing in BMX Park competition, according to his X Games bio.

"A fierce competitor, Ryan has only finished outside of the top 5 in one of his seven XG event starts, and he holds a pair of XG bronze medals, one each from Park and Dirt," his bio states. "He won the overall in both disciplines on the Dew Tour in 2005 and has since become a solid threat in any contest he enters. He's fast and versatile, two must-have traits for the current XG Park course, and he can spin 720s where they don't seem possible."

Back in 2005, Guettler did an interview with Fat BMX and revealed why he related to the U.S. "I've always wanted to come to the States and ride Woodward," he said. "When I was younger, I framed a few photos of Woodward that I cut out of a mag and told myself I'll get there no matter what! I saved up my money to come over and about a month before coming, Colin MacKay asked if I wanted to go to a comp with him. Guettler went on to say he "had the best time" and decide to compete as well. He also said he got "everything I ever wanted as a kid, a place in the States with a back yard ramp, trails down the street, nice cars, good mates, and don't have a job and get to ride my bike every day and travel the world on someone else's budget."