Ronda Rousey's Husband Travis Browne Blasts Coronavirus Panic Buyers With Fiery Meme

While many residents of the United States are heading to stores in order to stock up on items due to COVID-19 concerns, Ronda Rousey and her husband Travis Browne are still at home. They have become self-sufficient in recent years and don't have plans to make a run to the store. Instead, the former UFC star in Browne is throwing some slight shade toward those in line with an excess of toilet paper.

Browne recently posted a meme on Instagram that showed Kermit the Frog smiling. An innocent enough image by itself, but he included some text that poked fun at "panic buying." Browne told the people flocking to the store to stock up on condoms.

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"Please do your part and stock up on the rubbers!! #Repost @twitchthis8," Browne wrote in the caption of his post. He is concerned about those in quarantine using their newfound free time to bring other people to the family.

This post was met with considerable support on social media. Browne's followers reacted by posting laughing face emojis, as well as comments about how this is "good advice." Others simply said that they "needed that" as a way to lighten the mood.

Rousey, on the other hand, dealt with some recent criticism when she posted a series of videos on Instagram that were partially joking in nature. She took a walk around Browsey Acres, which is the farm the two former UFC fighters created together. Rousey showed off the excess meat, fruit, vegetables, and water that they had on hand due to constantly striving to be self-sufficient. She also showed some Tesla power generators on the side of her house.

While Rousey's ultimate goal was to make her followers chuckle while instructing them about preparation, she was met with some criticism. Users on Instagram said that her videos were "tone deaf" and that she was being selfish by showing off her considerable resources. Some of Rousey's followers said that they don't have access to the millions of dollars needed to kickstart a self-sufficient farm.

Rousey saw this criticism opted to respond with some other videos. She said that "many people have no sense of humor" and then posted some tutorials explaining how to start the process on a very small scale. She used the example of planting grocery scraps in an effort to build toward future crops.


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