Rob Gronkowski Loses WWE 24/7 Championship to R-Truth in Own Backyard

Rob Gronkowski's reign as WWE 24/7 Champion is over. On Monday night, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end got pinned by R-Truth in his own backyard at Foxborough, Massachusetts. Gronk said that he was ready for anyone who wanted to take the title away from him, but R-Truth is the most prolific 24/7 Champion since its inception in May 2019.

Gronk losing the title was shown on Raw, which was the second consecutive week the three-time Super Bowl champion was seen on the show, The week before, Gronkowski had a message for R-Truth, who said he was coming for the title. "Sixteen years of playing football and growing up with four brothers has prepared me to fight any time, any place," Gronkowski said, adding that he'll be watching out for R-Truth from this point forward. "So this 24/7, 7-Eleven, I-95 South, W9, whole nine years championship stays with me brother," he said. "Take this is a warning R-Truth – I will see you coming because I got eyes on the back of my head."

Gronkowski won the 24/7 title at WrestleMania in April while he was the guest host. Because the title is defended at all times, holding on to it for two months is an accomplishment. And the hope was Gronkowski would hold on to the championship as the NFL season kicked off. Gronk said he was willing to lose the title to Bucs head coach Bruce Arians.

"Imagine coming out of the meeting room, I'm like looking to my left down the hallway … looking to my right to make sure no one is out of the meetings yet, and then all of a sudden … Coach Arians just comes out of nowhere with a flying elbow and takes me out and pins me and becomes the 24/7 champ," Gronk said. "That would be legendary. That would be an honor to lose to him."

Unfortunately for Gronk, that won't happen, but he can now focus on helping the Bucs get to the Super Bowl and getting in football shape as he was retired for one year. As for R-Truth, he has won the 24/7 Championship 36 times. Because of that, R-Truth has won 41 championships in his WWE career, claiming the Tag Team Championship with Kofi Kingston, the United States Championship twice and the Hardcore Championship twice.