Rob Gronkowski Appears on 'WWE Raw,' Says 24/7 Championship 'Stays With Me'

Rob Gronkowski has no plans of handing over the 24/7 Championship despite returning to the NFL. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end appeared on WWE Raw on Monday night and talked about R-Truth's message to him. Truth said he's planning to "get his baby back," but Gronk, who won the title at WrestleMania 36 in April, said he will continue to hold onto the title for a long time.

"Now, I'm a nice guy, so I'm just gonna make sure you have all the intel you need during your quest," Gronkowski said in the segment. "I am Gronk, WrestleMania 36 host with the most and reigning 24/7 Champ. I know you have a lot of memories with this title, and you fought hard for it, but that's in the past Truth. 24/7 Gronk is the present and the future. "16 years of playing football and growing up with four brothers has prepared me to fight any time, any place." Gronkowski ended the segment by saying he'll be watching out for R-Truth for now on. "So this 24/7, 7-Eleven, I-95 South, W9, whole nine years championship stays with me brother," Gronk added. Take this is a warning R-Truth – I will see you coming because I got eyes on the back of my head."

That was Gronkowski's first appearance on WWE television since WrestleMania 36. There have been multiple 24/7 champions since it was established in May 2019, but Gronk is the longest-reigning 24/7 champion in WWE history. That said, R-Truth knows how to win the title back as he's claimed it 35 times for a total of 152 combined days. It's clear Gronk is ready for R-Truth and anybody who wants to win the title. In fact, he'll be prepared for Bucs head coach Bruce Arians if he decides he wants in on the action.


"Imagine coming out of the meeting room, I'm like looking to my left down the hallway … looking to my right to make sure no one is out of the meetings yet, and then all of a sudden … Coach Arians just comes out of nowhere with a flying elbow and takes me out and pins me and becomes the 24/7 champ," Gronkowski said. "That would be legendary. That would be an honor to lose to him."