RNC 2020: UFC President Dana White Speaks at Event

Dana White just showed his support for Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention. On the final night of the event, the UFC president took the stage to campaign for Trump who is looking to be president for another four years. White filled his speech with glowing praise despite facts and figures discrediting his words. This includes comments on Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing Black Lives Matters protests.

Earlier this week, White was asked about being criticized for his relationship with Trump. "That s— doesn't bother me he said. "I don't give a s—. I don't care what people think of me or what they think. The people that know me know who I am and know what I'm about." This will not be the first time White speaks at the RNC. Back in 2016, the 51-year old spoke at the event to show support for Trump. White, said Trump backed UFC from the start.

"Donald championed the UFC before it was popular, before it grew into a successful business," White said in 2016, "and I will always be so grateful to him for standing with us in those early days." Trump proved his support for UFC when he attended UFC 244 last year. In November, White revealed how he was able to get Trump to attend the event.

"He's been the most stand-up guy since the day I met him," White said. "He told me 'I want to come to a UFC event." White had dinner at the White House, and Trump told him he's coming to UFC 244."I was like, 'Oh my God.' That's going to be a rough one," White added. "Why don't we do Vegas on the 14th? He said New York was the only one he could do." After Trump made his appearance at UFC 244, he wrote about it on Twitter.


"Walking into Madison Square Garden last night with [Dana White] for the big [UFC] Championship fight was a little bit like walking into a Trump Rally. Plenty of MAGA & KAG present. Great energy. Fantastic job Dana! Heading to D.C. and then to Kentucky for a big [Matt Bevin] rally," Trump wrote. White was one of the many notable figures to speak at the RNC. The Thursday lineup included former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump, the president's daughter. Trump will speak at the end of the event to accept his nomination.