Restaurant Offers Aaron Rodgers Free Food and Beer for Life If He Stays With Packers

One restaurant in Green Bay, Wisconsin is doing everything it can to prevent Aaron Rodgers from [...]

One restaurant in Green Bay, Wisconsin is doing everything it can to prevent Aaron Rodgers from leaving the Green Bay Packers. According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Mr. Brews Taphouse says it will provide Aaron Rodgers and his fiancee Shailene Woodley free food and beer for life if Rodgers finishes his NFL career with the Packers.

"Seriously, we can't let Aaron go. No way, no how," Mr Brews founder and CEO Steve Day said in a news release. "Not only is he coming off yet another MVP season, but he is the face of our beloved franchise. We aren't in a position to renegotiate his contract, but we can offer him and Shailene a delicious meal and great brews whenever they like. Come on, Aaron, please stay." What this means is Rodgers and Woodley can eat burgers and drink beer at any of the 15 Mr. Brews Taphouse locations in four states for free. Not a bad offer, but it might take more to get Rodgers to stay.

Last week it was reported that Rodgers told people in the Packers organization he was leaving the team despite having three years left on his contract. The three-time NFL MVP is frustrated with Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst who has made some interesting roster moves over the last few years. The one that stands out is when the Packers traded up in the first round of the draft last year to take Jordan Love. Rodgers also didn't like the Packers cut wide receivers Jordy Nelson and Jake Kumerow, according to ESPN.

"We've been working through this for a little while now, and I just think it may take some time," Gutekunst said last week. "But he's a guy that kind of makes this thing go. He gives us the best chance to win, and we're going to work towards that end." Gutekunst does believe that Rodgers will be with the Packers when the team begins the 2021 season.

"I'm not going to speak for Aaron, but I think obviously we have a really good team and I do think he'll play for us again," he said. "And like I said, we're going to work towards that and we've been working towards that on a number of different fronts. The value that he adds to our football is really immeasurable, you know what I mean? He brings so much to the table not only as a player but as a leader." Rodgers is coming off a huge 2020 season, winning the MVP award and leading the Packers to the NFC Championship game.