Ravens RB Mark Ingram Serves as Hype Man for Lamar Jackson MVP Bid

Fresh off a 41-7 victory over the Houston Texans, the Baltimore Ravens are now viewed as a top Super Bowl contender. Quarterback Lamar Jackson, however, is not receiving as much attention in the MVP race as the fanbase and the team would prefer. To amend this oversight, running back Mark Ingram started off Jackson's press conference by introducing his teammate to the reporters and serving as a hype man.

"The MVP frontrunner," Ingram said following Sunday's game. "If anybody's got something different to say about that, they can come see me. I'm right here in B-more, outside the Bank [M&T Bank Stadium]. If you've got an issue with that, come see me. I'm about that. Big truss. Whoo whoo. Lamar Jackson, in the flesh, yes sir."

After Jackson walked to the podium for his weekly postgame presser, Ingram continued to hype him up. "Big truss," he sang while walking away.

The reason that Ingram and the Ravens believe Jackson should be named league MVP instead of Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson is that he has outplayed both of those quarterbacks in recent weeks. In the past four games, the Ravens have defeated the Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals, and Houston Texans while preparing for the late-season playoff run. The Patriots are the defending Super Bowl champions while the Seahawks and Texans are both viewed as legitimate contenders.

Jackson has been critical to success in all of these games, accumulating eight passing touchdowns without an interception. He has also rushed for another four touchdowns while leading this offense to four consecutive victories.

At 8-2, the Ravens are headed for a bye week during the Wild Card round and one of the top-two seeds in the AFC playoff picture. This would give them home-field advantage instead of having to travel in their first game. If the 8-1 Patriots were to slip up, the Ravens could leapfrog them for the top spot based on winning the head-to-head matchup.

For Jackson, winning the division and securing a favorable spot in the postseason is far more important than taking home the title of League MVP. For his teammates, however, they don't want anyone to forget that Jackson is performing in a historic manner each and every week. If Ingram has to serve as the hype man to continue reminding the media of this fact, he will be willing to do so.


Photo Credit: Rob Carr/Getty