Randy Orton's Wife RKO's Him on Beach Vacation

Randy Orton's wife showed how the RKO is done as she used the finishing move on her husband during their beach vacation. Orton and his wife, Kim, posted videos to Instagram showing off the finishing move with Orton spotted at the pool washing his face. As he gets up, wife Kim was able to "come outta nowhere" and land the perfect RKO.

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This led to a few of the current WWE superstars commenting on the video.

"This is so good!!" Trish Stratus said who will face Charlotte Flair at Summerslam this Sunday.

Another WWE superstar, Ricochet, said the video was "Awesome" and Nia Jax, who has been out of action since February due to two ACL injuries, simply replied, "Hahaha!!"

This was good for Randy Orton because he has a big match to get ready for at Summerslam. The former nine-time WWE Champion will have chance to win it for the 10th time as he faces current titleholder Kofi Kingston. This has been a rivalry that started in 2009 as Kingston started a feud with the third-generation superstar which gave Kingston a push. But as PopCulture.com's sister site Comicbook.com mentioned, Orton stopped Kingston's push up the card by using his "backstage influence."

Fast forward to 2019 and Kingston challenged Orton for the title to prove to him he's a main-event star.

"Everybody was on their feet, everyone was chanting, 'Kofi!' I felt like that was the moment when I made it. And unfortunately, that's not really how it worked out," Kingston said on this week's episode of Smackdown Live. "It wasn't enough just to beat me. In his mind, he wanted to humiliate me.


"There were always rumors that it was Randy who had used his influence to hold me back," he continued. "I worked as hard as I possibly could. And I would go home every single day and wonder what I wasn't doing. Why was I good enough to be here, but not good enough to just get to the next level? Regardless of all of that I just had to stay positive, keep on grinding. I would like to think over this 11-year period that I am worthy."

Summerslam will air on the WWE Network at 7 p.m. ET.