Randy Couture Cleared to Train Again Amid ATV Crash Recovery

UFC legend Randy Couture and his girlfriend, Mindy Robinson, were injured in an ATV crash in early September at the fighter's ranch outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. Nearly two months later, Couture is ready to get back to work. He still has some recovering to do, but his doctors have cleared him for light training.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, Couture said that he is able to resume some of his training, albeit with some limitations. His shoulders are ready to go after he had two plates put in, but he hasn't started sparring just yet. Couture said that his ribs still need to heal a bit more before he can fully get back to work. However, he is further along in the process than he expected.

"Everything's great. No issues," Couture told TMZ Sports. "The ribs actually healed up a lot faster than I remember healing up last time I did this s—. The shoulder was fine, they plated the shoulder, I got full range of motion. So, there's no real issues."

Following the ATV crash in early September, Couture and Robinson were able to make it back home. They headed to the hospital to receive treatment. The UFC fighter had a broken shoulder and four broken ribs. Robinson said that she had fractured a "transversal processor." She later clarified her injury, tweeting, "It’s called a 'transverse process' apparently, it’s the bony projection off your spine where muscle nerves attach."

The TMZ Sports employee referred to Couture as Superman during the interview due to his ability to recover from health scares. He used a previous heart issue as a primary example. Couture suffered the beginning stages of a heart attack while working out. He reportedly thought that it was just a minor issue and tried to use a roller to fix it.


When working on the pain at the gym did not fix the problem, Couture walked the three blocks to his home in Los Angeles. He later explained that walking is much faster in the bustling city than calling a cab, Uber or ambulance. Couture also said that thick blood was a primary issue cause of the heart attack.

"Contrary to recent rumors I have not kicked the bucket yet. I am alive and well," Couture said in a statement with TMZ Sports. "Special thanks to the amazing staff at Cedars Sinai Hospital. From the ER to cardiac ICU thanks for taking care of me. I’m one of those people that has crazy thick blood and nominally high bad cholesterol. Unfortunately, those 2 factors combined to create a nice clot occluding my Diagonal artery."