Watch: 'Price Is Right' Contestant Wins Stanley Cup Finals Trip That Could Be Worthless Now

The Price Is Right has long been known for giving away incredible prizes during the various games and the Showcase Showdown. The winnings can include trips to exotic locales or brand new cars. Unfortunately for one fan, their prize could actually be worthless due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

An episode of the long-running game show aired on April 15 and featured a fan winning a hockey-centric prize. The contestant found the "Secret X" on a large tic-tac-toe board and won a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals. The sequence was pre-taped on an unknown date due and just happened to air while many people around the world are in self-quarantine. Of course, this led to questions about how The Price Is Right handles pandemics.

"@PriceIsRight does this guy get some kind of other prize? Or trip to the 2021 cup finals or something?" the Twitter user asked. There have been rumblings about the NHL returning to action in July, but this has not been determined just yet. Would the prize-winner simply be left wanting?

The answer was actually provided shortly after the video surfaced on Twitter. The contestant's brother-in-law responded and revealed how the game show had handled the ongoing situation. They had apparently just awarded the contestant with the cash prize instead of the trip and hockey jersey.

Now that the contestant has received the cash prize, they will not have to worry about the future of the NHL. Hockey fans, on the other hand, are still wondering if their beloved sport will return prior to the upcoming NHL Draft and free agency. The answer is currently unknown, but it's entirely possible. There is a situation in which hockey is back in July, albeit with some major changes.


According to The Province, the NHL is currently examining the possibility of bringing hockey back in order to play out the remainder of the season. This would not be a simple restart, however, considering that the games would depend on the coronavirus outbreaks in various cities. There is a plan being considered in which the teams would actually head to one of four centralized cities to play their games. The sites would be determined based on the pandemic and many other factors.

Additionally, the league would also deal with a shortened timeline, which could lead to an altered schedule. There is a possibility that certain teams that aren't in playoff contention would not return. Their seasons would simply end.