Phil Mickelson's History-Making Win Has PGA Fans Citing 'Happy Gilmore'

Phil Mickelson made history on Sunday as the oldest golfer to win a major PGA tournament, winning the 2021 PGA Championship at 50 years old. Mickelson even got the congratulations from Tiger Woods, but it would seem the true praise was the fans witnessing it live.

The group of fans surrounding Mickelson as he made his way through the field and hole after hole had many were pointing to Happy Gilmore. As you can see in this clip, the fans were completely behind the 50-year-old golfer.

The victory was a clear boon for fans, especially after a year doing their best to keep their distance from each other. Cheering on Mickelson is the kind of outlet that is needed. The mob that followed him proves it. The quiet and calm usually equated with golf were not present around Mickelson.

"This tournament has turned into Happy Gilmore these fans are outta control," one person wrote on social media. "This is straight out of Happy Gilmore. I'm waiting for a car to drive down the fairway," another added."

The victory for Mickelson offers a few other key highlights. Firstly, it puts Mickelson as the oldest atop some elite company. Second, it gives Mickelson his second Wanamaker trophy. At 50 years old and turning 51 on Monday, Mickelson is above Julius Boros at 48, Jack Nicklaus at 46 in 1986, and even Old Tom Morris at 46. Old Phil Mickelson could be a fun idea.

Mickelson also set another personal record during his victory, dropping 22 birdies to walk away with his first overall victory since Pebble Beach in 2019. Tiger Woods congratulated Mickelson on Twitter, mirroring his own miracle Master's win from a few years prior.

"Truly inspirational to see [Phil Mickelson] do it again at 50 years of age," Woods wrote on Twitter. "Congrats!!!!!!!" Woods is still recovering from his shocking car accident, making this victory for Mickelson one that may not been seen again. Woods is currently 45, but his career could be over due to lingering back issues and the effects of the accident.