Paulina Gretzky Says She's Dustin Johnson's 'Biggest Fan' After Golf Star's Masters Win

Dustin Johnson won the Masters Tournament on Sunday, and his No. 1 fan was there to witness it all. Johnson's fiancee, Paulina Gretzky, went to Instagram to react to the big win. This upload was Gretzky's first post on her Instagram account since April and the second of 2020.

"Honey, I’m forever & always your biggest fan," Gretzky wrote. "So proud of you." Gretzky also posted a photo of her and Johnson kissing after the win. It was the first Masters win for Johnson and the second major championship in his career with the first one coming in 2016. In a post-tournament interview with Amanda Balionis of CBS Sports, Johnson got emotional, which was surprising for her.

“I’ve been interviewing Dustin since I started covering golf in 2011 and you kind of know what to expect," Balionis said to The Big Lead. "He’s going to answer the question that you ask and he’s going to underplay his performance and always chalk it up to executing and being in command. When he’s not playing well, he’s very honest about that too but he’s generally unemotional. Even when he won his first major there wasn’t a lot of emotion."

Johnson was emotional because he was able to fulfill a childhood dream. "It means so much to me … it means so much to my family, Paulina, the kids," Johnson said a reported by the New York Post."They know it’s something that I've always been dreaming about and it’s why I work so hard. To finally have the dream come true, I think that’s why you see all that emotion."


Johnson and Gretzky got engaged in 2013 and have two children together. In an interview with Golfweek, Johnson talked about how much his family means to him. "For me, golf was always the most important thing. And now, it's Paulina and the kids," Johnson said stated back in September. "And they’ll always be the most important. Obviously, I love the game of golf, competing and playing. But they’re the most important thing."

With the post dedicated to Johnson, does this mean Gretzky will be more active on social media? Last week, the daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky announced that she's back via her Instagram story. It's not known what she's back from, but fans are hoping to see more of her soon.