Paul Heyman Explains Why The Usos Are the 'Greatest Tag Team of All Time' (Exclusive)

Paul Heyman is special counsel to Roman Reigns, who is the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. And because of that, Heyman also works with The Usos who are part of the stable called The Bloodline. In an exclusive interview with, Heyman explained why there is no better tag team in professional wrestling than Jimmy and Jey Uso. 

"The Usos were still proving their greatness," Heyman exclusively told PopCulture. "But I mean, in that year, look what they've accomplished. They never lost a SmackDown Tag Team Championships. They beat Randy Orton and Riddle for the Raw Tag Team Championships. They are the undisputed tag team champions, and not only WWE but in my opinion, in all sports entertainment. And I think in that year, they have been so dominant, so far ahead of anybody else, that they have a rightful claim to say they are the greatest tag team of all time."

As Heyman mentioned, The Usos are the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions after winning the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team titles. And while they recently won the Raw titles, The Usos have been SmackDown champions for over 364 days, which is a WWE record for that title. Last year, WWE ranked the best tag teams in history, and The Usos came in at No. 7. But that was before the team unified both tag team championships. 

The Usos are just two of the many WWE Superstars Heyman has worked with during his long career. And with the number of titles the stars have won under the watch of Heyman, one could argue he's one of the best managers of all time. But what other goals does Heyman have when it comes to his career? 


"Well, if Elon Musk is going to colonize Mars, I would like to be in the headline of the first WrestleMania that ever takes place on Mars," Heyman said. "I think that would be very interesting to me. Besides that, maybe run for emperor or exalted ruler of the planet Mars. I'm interested to see what billion-dollar idea comes from another innovator, and what other planet we can start to colonize. I'd like to, perhaps, start to procreate on that planet, as well. I have tremendous goals. All based, of course, on the Island of Relevancy, with my tribal chief, Roman Reigns."