Patriots Star Julian Edelman Releases 'The Boogeymen' Trailer, and New England Fans Love It

Halloween is here and Julian Edelman is scared of just one thing — the New England Patriots defense. The good news is Edelman doesn't have to face the Patriots defense since they are all on the same team. However, it's bad news for the rest of the NFL and the reigning Super Bowl MVP showed how scary the group is in The Boogeymen trailer he released on his YouTube channel.

In the video, the Patriots defense is seen in action and they have dominated opposing offenses this season. It even shows one opposing quarterback confirming how scary the defense is with New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold saying, "I'm seeing ghosts." The comments section lit up once the video was posted.

One fan said, "I already got my tickets [smiley face emoticon] This will be a masterpiece," while another wrote, "The end really scared me cause my Bengals have yet to be a victim."

And one fan loved Edelman taking a shot at Darnold by saying "[Laughing my a— off], savaaage putting the 'I'm seeing Ghosts' line in there. Love it. Take it home, boys!"

Edelman is not joking when calling the Patriots defense The Boogeymen. Bill Barnwell of ESPN took a closer look at the group and he determined they are the best defense in NFL history.

"When you strip out the three return touchdowns the Patriots' offense and special teams have allowed this season, this defense has allowed 43 points over eight games. That's 5.4 points per game. The data can get a bit iffy moving backward, but if we look back toward the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, no NFL defense had ever allowed fewer than 6 points per game through the first eight weeks of the season," Barnwell wrote.

After the Jets game last week, Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy talked about Darnold calling the defense "ghosts" and their play the first half of the year.


"That's crazy for him to say that. That makes it real, you know what I'm saying? That's crazy. ... I think it's just a testament to how well we're playing, to be honest. And we played really well tonight, he said."

But can the Patriots keep it up? They don't have an easy schedule the next few weeks as they face the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles, in a couple of weeks and then they take on the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans and the Kansas City Chiefs with reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes. So we'll see really quick if the Pats defense can continue to scare the entire league.