Patrick Mahomes Reveals Big Condiment Plans for Thanksgiving Turkey

Patrick Mahomes is one of the many NFL players that will be home on Thanksgiving day, while six [...]

Patrick Mahomes is one of the many NFL players that will be home on Thanksgiving day, while six other teams provide entertainment on TV. He plans on eating turkey but will put his twist on the meal. Mahomes confirmed that he would slather the bird with ketchup.

The defending Super Bowl MVP appeared on KCSP 610 Sports Radio Monday to discuss the upcoming holiday and meal plan. He said that he would take COVID-19 protocol seriously and that his Thanksgiving dinner would only feature himself, his fiancee Brittany Matthews and his brother. The hosts asked Mahomes if he would put ketchup on his turkey, and he did not hesitate. He confirmed that Hunt's would be part of his dinner plans.

"Yeah, dude, I mean, come on," Mahomes said. "You got to put ketchup on that! Turkey and ham." The quarterback reiterated that he was not joking about putting ketchup on both types of meat. He also explained that he rarely eats ham outside of holidays and will not touch the cranberry sauce.

The Chiefs' star has a well-deserved reputation for eating ketchup with every meal. He puts the red sauce on steak, eggs, and macaroni and cheese. This preference has sparked a multitude of debates as supporters and critics alike have loudly voiced their opinions. Even a celebrity chef weighed in.

Speaking with Kyle Brandt on the 10 Questions with Kyle Brandt podcast, Guy Fieri faced questions about being a diehard Raiders fan and having to watch Mahomes for the next "15 years." He also had to answer questions about whether Mahomes should put ketchup on his steaks. As Fieri explained, he has no issues with steak on ketchup, albeit with one major stipulation. He said that the person eating the steak couldn't take a great piece of meat and do something terrible with it. He used the example of taking a beautiful filet mignon and sticking it in a meat grinder to make ground meat.

"Quite honestly, it's your food, it's your choice, and it's your palate and that's what you like? Do what you want," Fieri said during the interview. "People impressing their opinion on other people about what they do and what they like — they like mayonnaise, they don't like mayonnaise, they like ranch dressing, they don't like ranch dressing — that's not my thing. I'm not into that s—. ... He likes ketchup on his steak? Amen! Hopefully, it's good ketchup. Hopefully, it's a good steak. Hopefully, he cooked the steak correctly."

Fieri continued and explained that the only thing that truly matters is that Mahomes adequately prepares his steak. He doesn't want to see the defending Super Bowl MVP slathering cheap ketchup on a piece of meat cooked medium-well. Doing so would spark Fieri's ire.