Post Malone Has Patrick Mahomes' Signature Tattooed on His Body After Beer Pong Loss

Rapper Post Malone has a considerable number of tattoos covering much of his body. However, one of his newer pieces has ties to the Kansas City Chiefs. Malone actually has tattoos of Travis Kelce's and Patrick Mahomes' signatures, stemming from an ill-fated game of beer pong.

Mahomes spoke with GQ writer Clay Skipper in a multi-part interview. He first discussed the infamous Super Bowl victory parade in which he and his teammates drank a considerable amount of beer. He also provided new details about attending a Post Malone concert and taking part in another competition. Mahomes detailed facing off against the rapper and defeating him several times, which led to a tattoo wager.

The newly-wealthy quarterback explained that Malone was playing in Kansas City the night of the victory parade. He and Kelce didn't have tickets to the show, but they asked if they could "get a suite" and the musician helped them out. They headed to the concert, bringing a Mahomes jersey as a "thank you" gift. However, they ended up backstage in front of a beer pong table.

The rapper, who is very competitive when it comes to beer pong, invited the two NFL stars to a friendly match. They quickly won a couple of games, which only led to more matches. The two Chiefs' stars continued winning as Malone reportedly became more "ruffled."

Post's invitation turned out to be ill-advised. Mahomes and Kelce are the most effective quarterback-tight end duo in the NFL, and apparently they're capable of doing as much damage on a sad-looking folding table backstage at a concert as they do on the field on Sundays. Though Mahomes described his beer pong game that night as merely good, he told me Kelce had been "unconscious." When I asked him about it, Kelce said, "I don't know if I've been that hot on the pong table ever in my life."

Mahomes told GQ that Malone's manager ultimately tried to shut down the competition. It was time for the rapper to go onstage, but he made one more bet. He told Mahomes and Kelce to sign a piece of paper, promising to get tattoos of their signatures if they won once again.


"He has a tattoo artist literally in the room," Mahomes told Skipper. "I'm like, 'Dude, you do not actually have to get a tattoo of our autographs.'" However, Malone did not avoid paying up. He had the tattoo done immediately after the concert and capped off a wild day for the two Super Bowl heroes.

Malone now has a constant reminder of that night while Mahomes has a wild story. According to his interview with GQ, the QB managed to defeat Malone despite ingesting a lot of beer. Skipper placed the over/under at 20, but Mahomes said he went "way over" that number between the parade and the concert. Although he said that half of the alcohol ended up on his clothes.