Guy Fieri Has No Issues With Patrick Mahomes Putting Ketchup on Steak

In 2018, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes sparked criticism when he revealed that he puts ketchup on his steak and on macaroni and cheese. Several members of the fanbase blasted the MVP's decision-making, but one celebrity chef has voiced a very different opinion. Guy Fieri, the Mayor of Flavortown, said that he supports Mahomes as long as he cooks the steak properly.

Speaking with Kyle Brandt on the 10 Questions with Kyle Brandt podcast, Fieri faced questions about being a diehard Raiders fan and having to watch Mahomes for the next "15 years." He also spoke about the ketchup on the steak option and whether he supports Mahomes. As Fieri explained, as long as someone doesn't take a good piece of meat and do something awful, he's fine. He used the example of taking a beautiful filet mignon and sticking it in a meat grinder to make ground meat.

"Quite honestly, it's your food, it's your choice, and it's your palate and that's what you like? Do what you want," Fieri said. "People impressing their opinion on other people about what they do and what they like — they like mayonnaise, they don't like mayonnaise, they like ranch dressing, they don't like ranch dressing — that's not my thing. I'm not into that s—. ... He likes ketchup on his steak? Amen! Hopefully, it's good ketchup. hopefully, it's good steak. Hopefully, he cooked the steak correctly."

In Fieri's opinion, what matters is that Mahomes adequately prepares his steak. He doesn't want to see the defending Super Bowl MVP slathering some cheap ketchup on a piece of meat cooked medium-well. Only then would Fieri have a problem with the Chiefs' quarterback.

Meat issues aside, Fieri addressed several important topics during his long discussion with Brandt. He weighed in on the Raiders moving from Oakland to Las Vegas and how certain teams will never match the mystique of the Silver and Black. He said that certain teams, such as the Pittsburgh Steelers, are iconic. Others, however, just want to have similar reputations.


With the NFL season starting Thursday and Sunday, Fieri will quickly have opportunities to watch both Mahomes and his beloved Raiders in action. The Silver and Black start the season with a game against the Carolina Panthers, but they won't see the rival Chiefs for multiple weeks. The first matchup between these two teams is on Oct. 11 in Kansas City.