Patrick Mahomes' Girlfriend Brittany Matthews Shows off Her Holiday Workout Routine

With Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes preparing for a Sunday night battle with the Chicago Bears, fans around the country are preparing unhealthy meals and heading to the couch. Mahomes' girlfriend, however, is on a mission to help others achieve their fitness goals. Brittany Matthews showed this on Saturday when she posted a full workout routine on Instagram in an effort to get her followers fired up about health.

"Holiday Season, means use all those extra carbs your eating for fuel in the gym," Matthews wrote in the caption of her workout video. With Christmas only days away, people around the country are carb-loading with cookies, brownies, and egg nog. Matthews is well aware of this fact, and she doesn't want anyone just letting those carbs sit in their systems.

This workout routine featured many different exercises, including weighted glute bridges, reverse lunges, and weighted squats. Matthews also did donkey kicks with a cable providing resistance to each movement. This workout targeted the lower body through a variety of exercises.

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According to her Instagram profile, the Texas-based Matthews is a certified personal trainer with a BS in Kinesiology. She also provides fitness plans and online coaching through her website.

Matthews has long been known to those that root for the Kansas City Chiefs, but she became more of a public figure following a game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. Matthews and Mahomes' brother were in attendance for this battle, which led to some confrontations with Patriots fans.

As Matthews revealed on Twitter, she actually had to be moved to safety by stadium security due to treatment by the fans. The altercation started early after some fans recognized Matthews and allegedly said: "let's give them s—."

The story continued as the Patriots fans became angry every time that Matthews and Mahomes' brother stood up to celebrate a positive moment for the Chiefs. Some fans even allegedly said that they would call security and have the pair removed from the stadium because they were standing too much.


Matthews and Mahomes' brother were ultimately moved to safety, where they were allowed to celebrate the victory in enemy territory. The Chiefs left Foxborough with a 23-16 win, putting them in a better position to win the AFC West and return to the playoffs.

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