Patrick Mahomes' Fiancee Brittany Matthews Claps Back at Fans Criticizing Her Tweets During Chiefs Game

Patrick Mahomes' fiancee Brittany Matthews was not happy with the officials during the Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday and also took aim at fans who criticized her. During the Chiefs game against the Buffalo Bills, Matthews shared her thoughts on the game via Twitter and was not happy with the officiating. At one point during the game, Matthews wrote, "Refs are never in our favor." The 26-year-old sent a follow-up tweet that read, "Ever." Matthews doubled down with another tweet that said, "I said what I said. Y'all so mad." 

One Cheifs fan sent a message to Matthews on Twitter, writing, "Girl. I need you to stop. This was my team long before Patrick was here. It's not giving the org a good look. Chiefs are bigger than you, me or any one player." And that's when Matthews sent a message of her own to the fan. 

"In the nicest way possible…Shut up," Matthews tweeted. The Chiefs ended up losing to the Bills 38-20 and have now lost three games this year. Ever since Mahomes took over as the starting quarterback in 2018, the Chiefs have not lost more than four games in a regular season. After the game, Mahomes spoke to the media and revealed what needs to happen in order to get back on track. 

"It starts with me," Mahomes said, per ESPN. "It's something I've not usually done in my career, but I have to reevaluate where I'm at, what decisions I'm making. "I've been a crazier player as far as scrambling and making throws. But in my career, I've never been someone who throws a lot of interceptions. I have to look at it now, reevaluate what I'm doing, and I have to cut it out." Because each team will play 17 regular-season games, the Chiefs have some time to turn things around. But with them being in last place in the AFC West, they can't continue to make the mistakes that have put them in a hole.  

The Chiefs are a marked team as they have represented the AFC in the Super Bowl the last two seasons. This means that every team they face this year is going to give them everything they have. The Chiefs will look to get back on track this Sunday when they face the Washington Football Team.