Nick Saban Has Never Sent a Text or Email in His Life

University of Alabama head coach Nick Saban is one of the most successful recruiters in all of college football. He routinely fills his roster with players that eventually make their way to the NFL. However, he manages to convince them to attend Alabama without ever sending a text message to the potential recruits.

Saban made a guest appearance on The Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday to discuss numerous topics. The NFL Draft begins on Thursday, so he talked about the potential players that will be first-round picks. However, Saban drew more attention when he revealed that he has never sent a text message in his life. Additionally, he only set up an email account this year. Although he hasn't actually sent an email on his own just yet.

"I receive them…then I call the person back," Saban said about his lack of texting. His email correspondence, however, was run through his wife. She would get all of the emails, but Saban revealed that she had fired him while saying "I'm not dealing with your stuff anymore." Now he has to do it on his own.

Despite contacting football players ranging in age from 18-22, Saban has found a way to run a very successful team without this reliance on technology. He doesn't have to text any recruits or current players. He can simply call them or talk to them in person.

"Coach Saban has figured out how to do anything he wants to figure out to do, and I think he sees texting as unnecessary," former Alabama All-American Barrett Jones said in 2014, per Saturday Down South. "He's the most efficient person I've ever met. He probably views it as an inefficiency."


Jones' comment came on the heels of Saban explaining his lack of texting to the Wall Street Journal. The head coach revealed that he gets text messages and that he does read them. However, he just doesn't know "how to send them back." Instead, he relies on an open-door policy for his players in which they can come and talk to him in person.

Interestingly enough, Saban does rely on technology for several other aspects of his job. He doesn't research players on Google, but he uses his computer to watch film. Additionally, Saturday Down South revealed in 2014 that Saban used Skype to interact with the recruits that he is hoping will join the Crimson Tide.