NFL Scouting Combine: Joe Burrow's Hand Size Dominates Social Media as Quarterback Skips Workouts

Joe Burrow revealed on Tuesday that he would skip the on-field workouts at the NFL Scouting Combine, a move that was made the year before by eventual No. 1 overall pick, Kyler Murray. He is, though, in attendance and has spoken with teams, specifically the Cincinnati Bengals who hold the top pick. He also had his measurements done along with the rest of the invites.

It was later revealed that Burrow had a hand size of nine inches, which would be among the smallest ever by a first-round quarterback. With the results out, draft analysts and fans alike began to poke fun at the measurement.

To which Burrow joked on Twitter that he's "considering retirement after I was informed the football will be slipping out of my tiny hands."

With Burrow not throwing as the NFL Combine kicked off on Thursday, the talk still remained on social media about his "tiny hands."

One user tweeted, "I have the same size hands as [Joe Burrow]? Guess I'm ready for my NFL debut."

"I wasn't worried about Joe Burrow's hand size but then I measured my own hands and they were 9 inches. Now I'm worried," another user wrote on Twitter.

While many have made light of the situation, others aren't worrying at all about the recent discovery.

After all, Burrow set an FBS single-season record with 60 passing touchdowns this past season. He also led the LSU Tigers to the national championship, all while having nine inch hands.

Burrow, the consensus top pick, is joined by the projected No. 2 overall pick, Chase Young, as the most notable prospects to skip their on-field workouts at the NFL Combine.

The Heisman winner will perform in front of scouts when LSU hosts its Pro Day in March. He cited his team's long run, which wrapped up on Jan. 13 when his side claimed a 42-25 win over Clemson, as a reason he wants to take an extra few weeks to prepare for his Pro Day workout.


"Just so everyone knows, I am not going to throw. I am not going to work out," Burrow said to the press. "I didn't think I'd be able to put my best foot forward here, so I wanted to wait until Pro Day."

While Burrow is the most talked about quarterback heading into the draft, another quarterback, Tom Brady, is stealing much of the conversation. His agent has reportedly already spoken with a few teams about his upcoming free agency.