New York Giants Owner Steve Tisch: What to Know

Steve Tisch, the co-owner of the New York Giants, suffered a tragic loss on Monday as his daughter, Hilary Tisch, died by suicide at the age of 36. Hilary was a successful jewelry designer and was able to learn from her father when it comes to owning a company. Steve Tisch has accomplished a lot in the football world as well as Hollywood as he's an Academy-award-winning producer.

Tisch, 71, has been involved with the Giants since his father, Preston Robert Tisch, bought half of the franchise in 1991. Robert Tisch purchased a half-stake in the Giants from Wellington Mara's nephew Tim, who inherited the share from his father and Wellington's brother Jack. When Robert died in 2005, Steve became executive vice president and assumed the title of chairman. He has worked closely with co-owner John Mara, who is also the president and CEO. Tisch and Mara worked together on planning and the construction of MetLife Stadium, which was completed in spring 2010. They were both named Best NFL Owners by Forbes in 2011.

Tisch also has two Super Bowl rings as an owner. The Giants won the Super Bowl in 2007 and again in 2011 while beating the New England Patriots both times. In 2019, Tisch denied rumors of him having any friction with Mara, which has been speculated due to the team's recent struggles.

"Everything you and I read about friction and difference of opinion, I didn't say it, John didn't say it. I read it, but it isn't true," Tisch said via New York Daily News. "I see the same goal line that John Mara sees. Sometimes the path to that goal line may be a little different, but we see the same goal line, we cross it, and it's been a very functional relationship."

According to his official bio, Tisch is the only person to win an Academy Award and Super Bowl ring. His Academy Award came from the 1994 film Forrest Gump which won Best Motion Picture. Tisch's movie credits also include Risky Business, American History X, Snatch, The Equalizer, The Equalizer 2 and Troop Zero. When it comes to the TV side, he's been an executive producer on various TV films such as Servant, Why We Hate and The People Next Door.