NASCAR: Kevin Harvick Offers '$50,000 Bounty' to Challenge Drivers to Beat Kyle Busch in Truck Series

Veteran driver Kyle Busch took home the victory during Friday's Gander RV & Outdoor Truck Series [...]

Veteran driver Kyle Busch took home the victory during Friday's Gander RV & Outdoor Truck Series in Las Vegas. This win sparked criticism from some NASCAR fans, but that was not the only response. Fellow Cup Series driver Kevin Harvick has now placed a "bounty" on Busch.

"I like this so let's make this fun. I'll put up a $50,000 bounty for any full time cup driver who races a truck and can beat [Kyle Busch] in his next 4 races. #gameon," Harvick wrote on Twitter.

The post on Twitter wasn't simply out of thin air. The conversation originally started when fellow driver Kyle Larson threw some shade at Busch. The retweeted a post about the seventh-straight truck victory and added the cherry emoji. Fans inferred that he was saying Busch cherry-picks his events against inexperienced drivers in order to secure easy wins.

Harvick saw Larson's comment and wanted to make it clear that simply winning a truck race against Busch is not easy. He responded by writing: "be a good time for you to build some trucks! #notthateasy" and took the conversation to another level. Harvick then offered the $50,000 bounty.

The situation has only grown more interesting in the ensuing time. Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis said that he would match Harvick's bounty due to being so comfortable that no one can beat Busch in the Gander Truck Series. The bounty is now up to $100,000.

Of course, Busch has seen the back-and-forth about his driving skills and the bounty being offered. He just has one simple question for Harvick and Lemonis. He asked what he would get if no one can truly beat him. Busch didn't clarify if he was looking for some quick cash or bragging rights.

According to Harvick, his fellow driver will not be getting the $100,000. Instead, he will be on the receiving end of a "good ole pat on the back." His sponsors will also get some great exposure due to the Twitter "feud."

With the bounty in place, it's possible that another Cup Series driver will build some trucks in order to defeat Busch in future events. However, that will not be the focus at the moment. The drivers have now turned their attention to securing a prime starting spot in Sunday's Pennzoil 400.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images