NASCAR Driver Ty Dillon Focusing on Fun, Family During Pro Invitational Series (Exclusive)

The 2020 NASCAR season is currently postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, leaving the virtual Pro Invitational Series as the best professional racing currently available. Several top drivers have been taking part in the weekly series, including Jimmie Johnson, Alex Bowman and Joey Logano. Seventh-year Cup Series veteran Ty Dillon is among those taking part in the virtual racing series, but he is more focused on fun and family than he is on winning.

Speaking with in an exclusive interview, Dillon discussed his level of experience with "iRacing" and how he has been approaching the Pro Invitational Series. Many drivers have been striving for victory every single week while others have been letting their dogs drive the virtual car. One driver, Matt DiBenedetto, even dressed up in a giraffe onesie prior to getting disqualified for a wreck. Dillon has been more in the middle of the pack. He's been having fun but hasn't put on any odd outfits.

"Yeah, my wife and I have been doing live streams on my Instagram and just kind of showing our life and we've been eating during the middle of the races and just showing who we are," said Dillon. "And I think that's the biggest thing is, I think some guys are really focused on trying to show their talents on the video game and then some guys are just wanting to have fun with it and not taking it too serious. And sometimes those lines get crossed.

"I think maybe even last week when Matt was wearing his giraffe out outfit, he took somebody else out of the race because he's a little upset. So I think the biggest reminder for me is to not let this video game get ahold of my emotions too much and just have fun with it," Dillon continued. "And that's what I've been trying to do. I have a 2-year-old daughter who, my wife and I, usually as the race starts we're putting her down for a nap, but sometimes she joins in for the fun and we're just kind of getting a whole family involved in the enjoyment of it."

This focus on fun and providing entertainment has also expanded to the snacking that Dillon does throughout the race. He isn't grabbing Dorito's or other bulk snack foods. Instead, he is eating delivery or a home-cooked meal from his wife.


"Last week we ordered pizza. And I had pizza and that was really good," said Dillon. "That was pretty clutch in the middle of the Richmond race. Right now, it sounds good again, but whatever my wife either cooks or wants to have, we'll be having that. And it will be awesome. And if she's cooking, it'll be even better. She's an amazing chef and so whatever my wife wants to bring over to me in the simulator, we'll enjoy it."

While Dillon may not know exactly what he will be eating on Sunday, he does know when and where he will be getting behind the wheel. The Geico 70 at the virtual Talladega Superspeedway is scheduled for 1 p.m. ET and will air on FOX, FS1 and the FOX Sports app. Dillon will be facing off with Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and several other big-name drivers, but he will be on a mission to provide entertainment to the viewers.