Mr. T Reflects on Historic Impact He Made in WWE (Exclusive)

WrestleMania has become one of the biggest sports entertainment events of the year as celebrities have a chance to be part of the action, and it all started with the first WrestleMania in 1985 when Mr. T partnered with Hulk Hogan to face "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff in the main event. recently caught up with Mr. T, who revealed he didn't realize how much of an impact the match and appearance would make on WWE for many years to come.

"To be truthful and honest, I couldn't even think that far," Mr. T told PopCulture. "I was just wanting to remember what I was supposed to do when I was training with Hulk Hogan. I knew it was big because it was at Madison Square Garden. But I do remember when he was teaching me some of the stuff then because they had us doing a lot of promotional."

Mr. T went on to say that he and Hogan were doing a lot of promotion for the match, and along with training, he wanted to be as prepared as possible. "I wanted to be ready," Mr. T said. "I wanted to be pumped for the people going to be there. So, it was mano-a-mano, me and Rowdy Roddy Piper. I had to be ready. So, that was my big thing. I just wanted to be ready. I don't want to be looking wimpy. I wanted to hold my own and to stand my ground."

Mr. T was able to do that and more as he and Hogan defeated Piper and Orndorff to end the first WrestleMania. Mr. T returned to WWE for WrestleMania 2 and defeated Piper in a boxing match. Over the years, Mr. T would make appearances in WWE and WCW and be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame celebrity wing in 2014. Mr. T's appearances in the first two WrestleMania's led to other celebrities such as Lawrence Taylor, Donald Trump, Floyd Mayweather, Shaquille O'Neal, and most recently, Bad Bunny put on a show in WWE's biggest event of the year.


Mr. T was able to take part in WrestleMania because he worked with Hogan before. "Even before we did the WrestleMania, he did two episodes on The A-Team," Mr. T said. "We met on Rocky III, remember? He was Thunderlips. ...Then we became tight and did things together and stuff like that. We did a little video for kids against crime, me and him. I don't see him that much because I think he's in Florida and stuff like that. But we talk every once in a while. So, no, we're still cool."