Mo Bamba Says 17-Year-Olds Should Be Allowed to Vote

Orlando Magic player Mo Bamba has made it very clear throughout his career that he believes voting [...]

Orlando Magic player Mo Bamba has made it very clear throughout his career that he believes voting is extremely important. Now he wants even more people to have the ability. He said that he supports a proposition that allows 17-year-olds to vote.

The California proposition that Bamba supports is Prop. 18, which "would allow 17-year-olds who will be 18 at the time of the next general election to vote in primary elections and special elections." There are 18 states where the rule is already in place and California could be the 19th. Bamba supports the rule — although he said there is an important factor to consider. "One thing I think they [17-year-olds] need to do is be informed and do their research on who to vote for," the NBA player told TMZ recently.

Encouraging voting among the youth is nothing new for Bamba. Since joining the Magic, he has served as a role model for Central Florida teenagers. He has spoken to high school students and explained the importance of showing up and making their voices heard. This trend included a recent Zoom call with students from Evans and Jones High Schools where Bamba answered questions about his beliefs.

"Voting to me is everything and I learned that at a pretty young age, whether if it was you vote for your next class president or you vote who wants a pizza party or an ice cream party, you vote to do whatever," Bamba said, per the NBA. "Voting has always been a pretty big part of my life. I see a fit in talking to high school students and kids from the age of thirteen to eighteen on this issue because I didn't really have anyone to point out the importance of voting as far as government officials. To me, that's the biggest thing."

The 22-year-old Bamba said that he will vote in the 2020 Presidential Election, the first time he helps decide the leader of the United States. He expressed excitement about this while also joining Magic Head Coach Steve Clifford on National Voter Registration Day. The two men headed to the Amway Center and "cheered on" Orlando residents that were either registering to vote or checking their registration status.

According to the NBA, the Magic will use the Amway Center as an early voting location for residents of Orange County. People will have from mid-October until Nov. 1 to cast their ballot at the NBA arena. Bamba will be among those who cast their vote ahead of the election.