Former MLB Star Dale Murphy's Son Shot in the Eye With Rubber Bullet During George Floyd Protest in Denver

Atlanta Braves legend Dale Murphy's son was hit in the face by a rubber bullet while peacefully protesting George Floyd's death. The two-time National League MVP went to Twitter to announce he is son was not causing any trouble when he was shot in the eye. The good news is Murphy's son's eye was saved when a stranger handed him goggles before the shooting and another stranger drove him to the emergency room.

"As terrible as this experience has been, we know that it's practically nothing compared to the systemic racism and violence against Black life that he was protesting in the first place," Murphy wrote on Twitter. "Black communities across America have been terrorized for centuries by excessive police force. Murphy added: "If you're a beneficiary of systemic racism, then you will not be able to dismantle it at no cost to yourself. You will have to put yourself at risk. It might not always result in being physically attacked, but it will require you to make yourself vulnerable."

Denver is one of the many cities in the country that has hosted protests for Floyd's death. An officer, Derek Chauvin, killed the Minnesota native by pinning his knee on Floyd's neck. Floyd repeatedly expressed that he was having difficulty breathing due to the officer's actions. And like in Denver, the protests have become violent, leading to the city having an 8 p.m. curfew. Colorado governor Jard Polis went to Twitter to express his disappointment for one particular incident.

"Tonight is a very sad night for our state," Polis wrote While we are still uncovering all of the facts, a protest regarding the killing of George Floyd devolved into vandalism and violence, and I was absolutely shocked by video evidence of a motorist attempting to run over a protestor." He continued: "Coloradans are better than this. I share the immense anguish we all feel about the unjust murder of George Floyd. But let me be clear, senseless violence will never be healed by more violence."

Murphy played in the major leagues from 1976-1993 and spent the majority of his career with the Braves. Along with winning the MVP award twice. Murphy was named to the All-Star team seven times, and he won the Gold Glove award five times.