MLB Reportedly Cancels 'Field of Dreams' Game

MLB fans expressed excitement in August 2019 when the league announced the upcoming Field of Dreams game, which would take place at the site of the iconic film. One year later, however, they expressed disappointment due to an unforeseen cancellation. The league will not head to Iowa in 2020.

According to The Athletic, MLB canceled the Field of Dreams game between the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago White Sox. However, this decision did not entirely revolve around the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. He clarified that this is more of a "logistical problem" as opposed to the increase in positive tests. Although the Cardinals recently saw an uptick that included seven players and six staff members.

MLB confirmed on June 30 that the plan was to hold the game in Iowa and that construction had started on the temporary stadium. The Des Moines Register also reports that the plan is for the game to take place sometime in 2021. The White Sox will make the trip next year due to the franchise's ties to the 1989 Kevin Costner film. The other team is currently up in the air.

When the league initially announced the planned game, it showed off a unique path to the ballpark in Dyersville, Iowa. A path through a cornfield would take fans to the actual movie location, which would hold a temporary 8,000-seat stadium. According to The Wrap, the right-field wall would also include windows to show the cornfields beyond the ballpark.

The New York Yankees originally agreed to play the White Sox in the tribute game, but the coronavirus pandemic altered the 2020 schedule. The shortened season meant that the Yankees would no longer play the White Sox. The Cardinals stepped in to serve as the replacement in Iowa.


"Field of Dreams captures the uniqueness of Iowans' can-do attitude, and there's no better place to host our state's very first Major League game than this legendary baseball field in Dyersville," Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds said in 2019. "As the famous movie quote goes, 'Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa.' Iowa's truly a land of opportunity, where you can work hard, dream big and anything can happen. I look forward to this historic event in 2020."

With the game moving to 2021, there is an opportunity for the fans to make a trip to Iowa and visit the movie's site. If the game does take place, they will see the White Sox in action as a tribute to the Costner film. They will just have to wait for the unveiling of the second team.