Mike Tyson's Daughter Nearly Fought Boosie Badazz for Transphobic Comments About Dwyane Wade's Daughter

Mike Tyson came to the defense of Dwyane Wade's daughter Zaya after rapper Boosie Badazz made transphobic comments. Now the retired professional boxer has revealed that he also had to prevent a beating. Tyson said that one of his daughters nearly fought Boosie after he made the comments.

Tyson dropped the news during an interview with Vlad TV on Dec. 20. He said that his daughter flew out to confront the rapper about the comments. The conversation then nearly turned violent. Tyson had to step in and stop the near-fight. He also said that he "got a new understanding" of his daughter and her life as a member of the LGBTQ community after the confrontation.

"My daughter lives that life. She came from New York to this office right here to confront this guy, and she's violent," Tyson said. "I thought she came to see me. I thought she came to see her father and stepmother. She came to confront him physically.

"I had to take care of that. I was watching her, she wanted to physically grab this guy, and started attacking this guy," he continued. "I had to come in, I was watching her. She explained herself, then he explained himself and it didn't go as bad as I thought it was going to go."

In February, Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union announced that they supported 12-year-old Zaya, who was born as Zion, coming out as a transgender girl. Boosie responded with several comments about the situation. He said that Zaya isn't old enough to make this decision.

"That is a male. A 12-year-old," Boosie said. "At 12, they don't even know what their next meal gonna be. They don't have s— figured out yet. He might meet a woman, anything, at 16 and fall in love with her. But his d— gonna be gone."

The rapper later sat down with Tyson for an episode of Hotboxin' With Mike Tyson and faced questions about his statements. He said that he chose to comment on the situation due to Zaya's age. Boosie said that he got offended "because it's a child."

Vlad TV also reached out to Boosie about the confrontation, and he provided his side of the story. The rapper said that Tyson's daughter expressed interest in "interviewing" him and asking him questions. Boosie said that he told her to "come on," which prompted the debate.


"She was on some, 'Do you know what's going on in the transgender world right now? Do you know how many people are committing suicide and dying?'" he said. "So I would tell her, 'do you know what's going on with Black people right now? We're getting shot down, they got so many single mothers out there,' and when she would shoot that at me, I would shoot that at her. She was saying the things she was passionate about and I was saying the things I was passionate about."

Boosie told Vlad TV that he has no ill will toward the LGBTQ community. However, he said that he and Tyson's daughter didn't see eye-to-eye about the situation. Boosie said that the incident ended with her walking out.