Mike Tyson Could Reclaim Heavyweight Title, George Foreman Says

When retired boxer Mike Tyson returned to the ring on Saturday night for an exhibition bout with Roy Jones Jr., several people commented about how he looked "fantastic." George Foreman was among this group, but he made an even bigger proclamation. The grillmaster said that Tyson could reclaim his heavyweight belt.

"If he gets in shape like he’s in now, and then gets his timing back, and all the other things fall into place, he can have an opportunity to fight for the title," Foreman said to USA TODAY on Sunday. The Hall of Famer continued and explained that certain things would have to fall in place, but he sees a path to the championship belt. "If he can be managed right, a champion, the right champion, will come to him. And if the right one comes, he can knock him out."

Foreman is very familiar with impressing boxing fans at an advanced age. He became the oldest heavyweight in boxing history to win the title in 1994, scoring a knockout victory over 26-year-old Michael Moorer at the age of 45. Foreman secured victory in the 10th round and won the WBA, IBF and Lineal Heavyweight championships. Foreman said that he believes Tyson could beat his record and said that it could take two more years and three more fights.

"Tyson looked great," Foreman said. "He really did. And Roy Jones had to use every old skill out of the book to keep himself from being knocked out. I just couldn’t believe what I saw. And that was just an exhibition. Just think if [Tyson] had some activity the last two years. He’d be in line to be the champion of the world again at 54, 55."


Iron Mike spoke about his performance after finishing the 10-round bout, saying that he could have done better. He then sparked attention by saying that he will be better during the next exhibition. The news that he plans to fight again drew attention and prompted comments from other retired boxers, such as Buster Douglas, who said they want to take on Tyson in rematches of previous bouts. Jones, in particular, also mentioned potentially fighting Tyson again — although he also talked about the fight taking a toll on his body.

"My jaw still is sore," Jones said. "He’s capable of fighting anybody because, truthfully, people are going to have problems getting out of the first couple rounds with him. That was the hardest part, getting past the first two, three rounds."