Mike Tyson's 1990 Opponent Buster Douglas Wants Rematch After Infamous KO

Saturday night, Mike Tyson returned to the boxing ring for an exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr., ultimately fighting his opponent to a draw. Iron Mike said after the fight that he wants to do more matches in the future, and one potential opponent would like to join the list. Buster Douglas said that he wants a rematch of his 1990 bout with Tyson.

"Sure, I would welcome the opportunity," Douglas said to USA Today. "Being a prizefighter all those years and still feeling pretty good today, you always feel you got one more fight in you." The retired boxer hasn't fought professionally since 1999, but he told the outlet that he still works with amateur fighters in Columbus, Ohio. Douglas estimated that he could be ready for a fight in six to eight weeks.

Douglas previously knocked out Tyson in 1990 in what many called one of the most stunning upsets in boxing history. He entered the Tokyo-based fight facing 42-1 odds against the undefeated Tyson, who had a 37-0 record at the time. However, Douglas proceeded to knock out his opponent in the 10th round. A rematch never took place prior to both boxers retiring from the sport.

"I've been asked about it in casual conversation," Douglas told USA Today. "They always ask, 'Why didn't you guys have a rematch?' It was just never presented really, as far as a rematch. It was often mentioned. That's about it."

While he never had the opportunity to face off with Tyson again, Douglas did tune in for the pay-per-view on Saturday. He said that the fight was pretty competitive and that both men were "past their prime." Despite their age, Douglas still said that Tyson and Jones put in a good effort during an "entertaining" fight.


Douglas was not the only former competitor of Tyson's commenting on the PPV. Kevin McBride, the man that faced off with Iron Mike on June 11, 2005, said that he would also like a rematch. They never finished their match, however, due to Tyson refusing to come back to the ring for the seventh round.

"I was sad to see him quit on the school," McBride said to USA Today. "I'd love to finish it in the ring, one way or another." Whether the 47-year-old boxer gets the opportunity to face off with Tyson remains to be seen, but he is one of the many lining up and expressing interest.