Michelle Wie Slams Rudy Giuliani Over Creepy Story About Seeing Her 'Panties'

Michelle Wie West, a five-time LPGA Tour winner, has slammed former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani. He told a story about seeing her underwear while playing a round of golf. West then responded with a strong statement on Twitter condemning him for objectifying her.

The back-and-forth began when Giuliani appeared on Steve Bannon's War Room podcast. The two men talked about Rush Limbaugh, who passed away on Feb. 17. Giuliani then told a story about a round of golf with the late radio host and mentioned the paparazzi "trailing them." He then made a comment about West's attire that prompted some backlash.

"On the green is Michele Wie, and she is getting ready to putt," Giuliani said, per ESPN. "Now Michelle Wie is gorgeous. She's 6 feet. And she has a strange putting stance. She bends all the way over. And her panties show. And the press was going crazy. ... I said '[Rush], it's not me, it's not you.'" He ended the story by asking if it was ok to tell that joke.

West responded to Giuliani with a Twitter statement, referring to him as a "public figure" on a podcast. She addressed her putting stance by saying that it was designed to improve her stats on the green. She said that the stance was "not an invitation" to look up her skirt.

"What this person should have remembered from that day was the fact that I shot 64 and beat every male golfer in the field leading our team to victory," West wrote. "I shudder thinking he was smiling to my face and complimenting my game while objectifying me and referencing my 'panties' behind my back all day."


Based on West's statement, the interaction with Giuliani occurred in 2014. She won the U.S. Women's Open at Pinehurst. She achieved victory by finishing two strokes ahead of runner-up Stacy Lewis.

The 31-year-old professional golfer has not played since the 2019 season for multiple reasons. She originally announced she was taking a leave of absence due to an ongoing wrist/hand injury but then further extended her time away from the course. West announced in January 2020 that she and her husband, Jonnie West, were expecting their first child together. She then announced in late June that they had welcomed Makenna Kamalei Yoona West.