Golfer Michelle Wie Welcomes First Child

Professional golfer Michelle Wie recently posted a baby bump selfie and reflected on her pregnancy. Weeks later, she welcomed the new addition to her family. Wie posted a photo on Instagram and revealed that she gave birth on Friday.

Wie posted two photos on Instagram that showed her and her husband, Golden State Warriors executive Jonnie West, holding their new daughter. She had previously announced the pregnancy in January but didn't provide a concrete due date. She simply revealed that she expected her first child sometime in the summer. The fans eagerly awaited the birth announcement and expressed their excitement when Wie broke the news.

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"Kenna baby, I have waited my entire life to meet you. Makenna Kamalei Yoona West, your daddy and I love you more than any words can describe. You are our entire [earth emoji] we can't wait to watch you grow," Wie wrote in her Instagram caption. Several friends and followers responded by sending their congratulations, including golf adviser Kira K. Dixon.

The new birth announcement followed an updated photo on Instagram in which Wie discussed her pregnancy. She revealed that she didn't feel amazing throughout the process, but it was a great reason "to feel like crap." The five-time LPGA Tour winner said that she felt blessed that Makenna chose her to be her mama.

Wie and West became engaged in San Francisco in March 2019. They exchanged vows on Aug. 10, 2019, with their ceremony taking place in Beverly Hills, California. Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry, LPGA pros Danielle Kang, Jessica Korda, Marina Alex, Alison Lee and Alison Walshe and were all present to witness the couple tie the know. NBA legend Jerry West, Jonnie's father, was there, as well.


During the process of getting engaged and married, Wie stayed away from professional golf. She dealt with injuries and ultimately announced a leave of absence to help a wrist/hand injury heal. This leave of absence became much longer when Wie announced that she was expecting.

Now that Wie has announced the birth of her child, she can focus on what's next. The fans don't know if this includes a return to the golf course in the coming year, but they are waiting for the upcoming announcement. For now, the fans will simply keep an eye on Wie's Instagram for the latest baby photos.